Camping site tour

Overview Alisehof

[1] Alisehof

  • Event location "Kuhstall"
  • Bathrooms
  • Club room

[2] Desk, kiosk, sanitary and health section

  • Coffee and cake bar
  • Dish-washing
  • Laundry
  • Accessible room
  • Massage
  • Holiday rooms

  • Supper room
  • Dryer

[3] Sanitary facilities

  • Family cabins
  • Children’s bathroom
  • Baby care room
  • Dish washing
  • Chemical toilet

[4] Entry

[5] Play ground

[6] Bungalow

[7] Goat compound

[8] Goat shed

[9] Restrooms

[10] Garbage

[11] Rabbit enclosure

[12] Bathing spot

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Our Team

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Your hosts:
Manuela and Tim Schreier with daughter

In spring 2018, we took over the camping site in Schapbach and we are happy to help you with any question and wish that may arise during your stay.Manuela and Tim Schreier

Anita Reuter, Nathalie Schmieder: Room maintenance  
Claudia Gebele, Katja Walther: Service